Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Sins of our Fathers!

The past 48 hours have been an eventful few in the political and economical sphere of our nation. I have listened to and read the headlines with feelings of dismay, disgust, anger which is now bordering on rage and quite frankly an overwhelming feeling of being let down.

Like many of my peers and those younger than I, I have not settled in my lifetime career just yet. I never enjoyed the excesses of the so called Celtic Tiger, yet it now seems those who gorged aboard the gravy train of excess and inadequacy are sailing into the sunset whilst my generation is being left to pick up the tab for everything.

I intend on going back to college in 2013 as a medical student. I will be 29 when I start out in college and will not be a junior doctor (all going to plan) until I am in my mid thirties. The revelations of the past few days have begun to frighten me somewhat. I am going to give up every piece of knowledge I have learned to date in the advertising industry and go back to college at thirty years old for six years only now to be told that my pay will be no where near that of those who went before me. I am not entering medicine for the money nor do I want to make this piece about my situation, I am merely pointing out the absolute unfairness of this situation. How can any union or politician and more recently and importantly teacher or doctor, agree to remain on their high pay whilst watching those trying to emulate their successes, (while raising young families in houses of negative equity with an Anglo bond wrapped around our neck) do the same work for less pay pro rata. It stinks to the high heavens and it hugely disappoints me to see those in the 50+ bracket not batting an eyelid.

My generation never enjoyed the Celtic Tiger. We've been left with an insurmountable debt burden, a health system that doesn't work, a pension time bomb which will affect our pensions directly but ironically none of the current 50+ generation and now we're been asked to accept less pay pro rata, sorry we're not even being asked, we're being told. This all comes at a time when the people of this generation, like Enda Kenny, Jack O Connor and Richard Bruton roll out the spin brigade to tell us that everything is fine and how a two tier system which punishes us, is in fact very fair, it's absolutely sickening! I would like to take a moment to thank all those responsible for the above mess for truly highjacking the future of me and me peers and ensuring we suffer for your mistakes!


  1. Did you speak out from 2002-2008 when the country was being bankrupted by FF governments? Its too later now. The damage is done. It will take many years for your country to recover fully. I note you praised Carol Hunt's article. The article contained NO SOLUTIONS. I am speaking as a foreign national resident here. Your country irrespective of the bank debt problem has a BUDGET DEFICIT of €15/16 billion. It has a shortfall in tax revenue to fund services, pensions and salaries. The deficit problem has to be tackled. There is no miracle solution. Remember that there is a euro crisis as well. The UK is in trouble with poor to non existent growth.

  2. Diarmaid,

    May I ask you a question please, did you not enjoy the Celtic Tiger years while growing up? Your parents, like I did, didn't send their teens out to a part time job after school at age 14 to help with the family income. I had such a part time job when I was 14 and worked after school & on the weekends.
    I am one of the 50+ you speak about. I did not benefit from the Celtic Tiger, I worked hard during those years as I am now. To be honest, I always thought the Celtic Tiger was an illusion. Everyone thought me a freak then!
    I suggest you go and do some research on why we are in this financial abyss, start with reading The Gods of Money by William Engdahl & then read "Seeds of Destruction" by the same author. It may help to give you a more selfless perspective.
    Sláinte and the best of luck in medical school.

  3. Irishmix,

    I did in fact work since I was 16, granted not to contribute to the family income, however, I did have to fund myself.I appreciate fully that many many of the 50+ generation did nothing but try to raise children as best they could and now too have been stumped with this, my parents included in that, however, everyone bears responsibility for electing people like Charlie Haughey and Bertie Ahern to lead our nation.

  4. Of course your generation benefited from the so called Celtic Tiger. On one hand you seem to lament the excesses of this period while, on the other, you bemoan the movement of pay rates towards more realistic levels.

  5. Nonsense Peter, if you read my piece properly, you would understand the only thing I bemoan is the fact that existing public servants pay is not falling with new entrants. It's a basic concept to understand. Any benefit my generation acquired from the Celtic Tiger has been more than wiped out by sovereign debt, pension holes and negative equity!